Nursing Now, Assessment of Contributing Factors among Nursing Youth in Pakistan at Sindh


  • Faheem Ahmed Mallah Staff nurse TB hospital Khairpur
  • Shahzad Ali Khan Associate Professor Health Services Academy Islamabad
  • Nazeer Ali Buriro Associate Professor Nursing at SMBB Medical University Larkana
  • Afifa Munawar Consultant Health-Strengthening WHO Country office Islamabad
  • Badil Das Assistant Professor Nursing at ION DUHS Ojha Campus Karachi
  • Faiza Jokhio Lecturer Nursing at SMBB Medical University Larkana
  • Amir Fatima Lieutenant Armed Force Nurses PNS Shifa Karachi



Nursing Now, youth motivation, influential factors, nursing in Pakistan


Background: Nursing is a Noble profession which is progressive and modernizing; As per need of the situation from a delivering baby and up to the dressing of injured it comes up with various specialties with high qualification of PhDs Nurses. The year 2019 was announced by the Honorable President of republic of Pakistan as Nurses year, keeping in view WHO has announced 2020 the year of Nursing and Midwifery. Authors have explored contributing factors for the selection of the nursing profession particularly and the motivation for future career in nursing.

Methods: A cross sectional descriptive study was conducted at rural district of Sindh which includes first year students of three nursing schools through structured questionnaire. Study duration was from October 2016 to February 2017. Sample of 91 participants collected through universal sampling technique (all available population was selected at study area).

Results: Respondent’s family has a good image of nursing 62(68.1%) participants were strongly agreed. Response of really want to see their self as a nurse 68(74.7%) participants were strongly agreed. Study showed many factors for taking admission in nursing 54(59.3%) participants responded their parents, Numerous personal factors like admiration nursing profession 58(63.7%) 68(74.7%) believed that they are caring for others. Many of them were enrolled due to the attraction of broad opportunities in nursing 45(49.5%).

Conclusion: According to our study findings most of the students chose nursing profession as an alternate but not their first choice, many personal, professional and financial factors attracted the students to get enrolled in nursing.


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Mallah, F. A., Khan, S. A., Buriro, N. A., Munawar, A., Das, B., Jokhio, F., & Fatima, A. (2021). Nursing Now, Assessment of Contributing Factors among Nursing Youth in Pakistan at Sindh. Pakistan Journal of Public Health, 10(2), 113-119.