• Shama Nawaz Health Services Academy Islamabad
  • Rozina Khalid Health Services Academy Islamabad
  • Nandlal Serani Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences Jamshoro


Background: Menstruation is a major stage of puberty in girls, one of the many physical signs that a girl is turning into a woman. Women having better knowledge about menstrual hygiene and safe practices are less vulnerable to RTI and its consequences. Therefore, increased knowledge about menstruation right from childhood may escalate practices and may help in mitigating the suffering of millions of women. This study carried out to gather information regarding menstruation, hygiene related practices and its related problems among adolescent girls along with to review perceptions, belief and expectations regarding menstruation among adolescent girls.
Methods: A Cross-sectional study was conducted, 314 girls of 12 to 15 years were identified as sample from 5 girls high schools. Pre tested pre designed questionnaire was used. Data were analyzed by using SPSS (Version 22). Descriptive statistics used to determine mean age of the subjects, age at menarche, frequency of menstrual disorders and activities affected by this condition.
Results: Mean age of the sample was 14.25 years, with mean age of menarche 12.6 years. 52.6% of the girls belong to the mothers who are illiterate. 50.7% girls were aware of menstruation before menarche with major source of the information is mother (71.2%). 97.8% perceived menstruation as a normal process. 55.1% participants said they missed their school during menstruation. 96.4% experiencing pain and cloth was most common source of absorbent used by 60.2%.
Conclusion: Mothers are the main source of information for young girls. Major reason for absenteeism from school was fear of stain, it has been suggested through cleanliness available for changing absorbent (pad/cloth) the ratio of absenteeism can be reduce.

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