Floods and Climate Change: An Impact on Women and Child Health


  • Umair Maqbool Ahmed Aga Khan University Hospital




Climate change, Natural disasters


The 21st century grapples with numerous challenges, prominently among them being natural disasters and calamities, which endanger human lives globally. Chaotic weather patterns and unpredictable rainfall exacerbate vulnerability, particularly among women and children, leading to increased morbidity and mortality. The perturbation of climatic turmoil disrupts growth and exposes them to health impediments. With floods affecting over two billion people in the past two decades, and climate change exacerbating health risks, urgent action is imperative. The consequences of extreme weather events extend beyond health, impacting human progress and prosperity, with floods alone resulting in significant casualties and financial losses. Women and children, the most vulnerable during such disasters, face immense challenges accessing healthcare and coping with health barriers. Strategic action and compliance with global health authorities are essential to mitigate these challenges and prioritize the well-being of women and children in the face of escalating climate-related incidents.




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