School Health Services (SHS): A need in the context of Pakistan


  • Sana Farrukh khan Aga Khan University
  • Afshan Murad Aga Khan University
  • Rozina Somani Aga Khan University
  • Khairunnissa Hooda Aga Khan University
  • Salma Rattani Aga Khan University



School Health Services (SHS) are school health programs that promote health in school children. The value of SHS is recognized globally and practices around SHS vary with different regions. Its positive outcomes are already acknowledged by high-income countries, where education ministries are typically involved in cultivating comprehensive School Health Services. Low-income countries remain hesitant to implement SHS, due to various constraints. In Pakistan, SHS have been introduced and restructured several times, but never comprehensively executed. Private schools in Pakistan offer better health programs than public schools but none of the schools follow standardized school health guidelines. This paper aims to analyze the role of SHS in Pakistan and provide several recommendations regarding the establishment of SHS in local schools. The proposed suggestions revolve around establishing model clinics in schools, which would be central to subsequent school-based health programs in Pakistan. If properly designed and equipped, school clinics can support a wide range of health outcomes, from emergency first aid care, to immunizations, to health education. The involvement of ministries and national authorities is encouraged for smooth delivery of SHS and compliance with public health guidelines.


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khan, S. F., Murad, A., Somani, R., Hooda, K., & Rattani, S. (2021). School Health Services (SHS): A need in the context of Pakistan. Pakistan Journal of Public Health, 11(3), 128–131.