Males’ perception and motivation for Vasectomy


  • Hiralal Hatesh Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre, Karachi, Pakistan.
  • Bharat Kumar Maheshwari National Research Institute for Fertility Care, Karachi, Pakistan.
  • Syed Qararo Shah National Research Institute for Fertility Care, Karachi, Pakistan.
  • Dileep Kumar School of Nursing Ghulam Mohammad Mehar Medical College, Sukkur, Pakistan.



Males, Perception, Motivation, Vasectomy, Family planning


Background: The population of Pakistan has increased from 34.0 million in 1951 to 220 million in 2020 making it the 6th most populous country. Vasectomy is the least accepted contraceptive method in Pakistan. The objective of the study was to explore the perception and motivation of males towards vasectomy.

Methods: This qualitative study with phenomenology design was conducted at the Family Planning Center of JPMC, Karachi. The ultimate sample size was five. Males of age > 30 years, having at least one alive child were included. Informed consent was taken. Open-ended questions regarding concepts of family planning (vasectomy) religious and its social implications were asked. The interviews were transcribed and double-checked. Coding of the data was done and themes and subthemes were generated.

Results: The age ranged from 32 to 45 years. Only one participant was a graduate. The participants were well motivated for vasectomy having a clear concept of its impact on family life and quality of the sexual relationship. With an idea of two children (a boy and a girl); they were of the view that more children will compromise their capability of giving children a better life. They believed vasectomy is forbidden in religion, yet they opt for it keeping the comfort of children upfront. They believed that male vasectomy is a better option than female tubal ligation.

Conclusions: Vasectomy was regarded as a benign procedure and well accepted by the study participants. They were clear about its impact on life.


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Hatesh, H., Maheshwari, B. K., Shah, S. Q., & Kumar, D. (2021). Males’ perception and motivation for Vasectomy. Pakistan Journal of Public Health, 10(4), 208-214.