Parent’s Knowledge and Awareness in Maintaining their Children's Oral Health: A Cross Sectional Survey


  • Talha Ashar Assistant Professor Nishtar Institute of Dentistry Multan
  • Asma Shakoor Associate Professor Institute of Dentistry CMH Lahore
  • Mustafa Sajid Associate Professor Multan Medical & Dental College Multan
  • Rabia Zafar Assistant Professor Multan Medical & Dental College Multan
  • Mohsin Javaid Demonstrator School of Dentistry SZABMU Islamabad
  • Javeria Afzal Senior Lecturer Multan Medical & Dental College Multan



Educational Level, Brushing technique, Parents, Oral health


Background: Parents had a great role in prevention of child’s dental decay and special emphasis has been put on the maintenance of child oral hygiene status for achieving optimum health as early childhood caries is regarded as the major dental disease around the world. Our study aimed to evaluate knowledge and awareness of the parents regarding oral hygiene of the children.

Methods: A descriptive cross-sectional study was conducted from March 2019 to August 2019 in Nishtar Institute of dentistry, Multan. Total 300 parents of 4 to 9-year-old children were enrolled in the study. Detailed demographics including age, education, and monthly income were recorded. The questionnaire regarding oral health was designed and data was collected through that self-administered questionnaire. Data was analysed by SPSS 24.0.

Results: About 7% of Parent’s were uneducated, 38.5% got the school education, 15.5% got the college education and 39% got the university education. Only 32% parents were aware of proper brushing technique while 68% were unaware. 56% parents said that the sweets, chocolates and junk food are not good for oral health while 44% denied this. 46% parents told that their children complained about teeth and 42% parents visited the dentist for their children.

Conclusions: There is a need to improve the knowledge and practices of parents and children about the oral hygiene maintenance to aid in reducing the oral health problems in future.


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Ashar, T., Shakoor, A., Sajid, M., Zafar, R., Javaid, M., & Afzal, J. (2021). Parent’s Knowledge and Awareness in Maintaining their Children’s Oral Health: A Cross Sectional Survey. Pakistan Journal of Public Health, 10(4), 226-230.