• Nadia Tariq Assistant Professor, Community Medicine, IMDC
  • Tamkeen Jaffry Assistant Professor, Community Medicine, IMDC
  • Rahma Fiaz WMO DHQ Teaching Hospital, Sahiwal
  • Abdul Majid Rajput Professor and HOD Community Medicine, IMDC
  • Sadaf Khalid Senior lecturer, Community Medicine, IMDC
Keywords: Awareness, air pollution, population


Background: Indoor air pollutants are increasingly being associated with respiratory illnesses leading to high degree of morbidity and mortality. There are not sufficient epidemiological studies from Pakistan which assess level of awareness of indoor air pollution resulting in respiratory diseases in population.
Methods: This cross sectional survey was carried out on general population of Rawalpindi/Islamabad. Sample size was 223 study subjects selected by non-probability convenient sampling. Knowledge of the study subjects was determined with regard to indoor air pollution, its effects on health and different sources of indoor air pollution with the help of a questionnaire. The influence of age, gender, educational status and socio economic status on the level of awareness was also analyzed.
Results: Out of total 223 participants, 115 were males and108 females. Participants aware of indoor air pollution were 91.5% and adequate awareness about its sources was 80.7%. Those who knew indoor air pollution is detrimental to health were 95.1%. Awareness about building construction dust as source of indoor air pollution was maximum (84.8%). There was significant difference in awareness among participants with different monthly incomes and educational status and also between males and females.
Conclusion: This study concludes that general population of Rawalpindi/Islamabad has fairly good awareness about sources of indoor air pollution. Use of harmful material causing indoor air pollution should be limited or substituted with better ones where possible.

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Tariq, N., Jaffry, T., Fiaz, R., Rajput, A. M., & Khalid, S. (2018). AWARENESS ABOUT INDOOR AIR POLLUTION IN GENERAL POPULATION OF RAWALPINDI AND ISLAMABAD. Pakistan Journal of Public Health, 8(2), 80-83.