Demonstrator’s Knowledge Regarding the Prescription of Antibiotics for Endodontic Treatment


  • Hafiza Hina Irshad
  • Muhammad Sohaib Ashfaq
  • Ayesha Ashfaq
  • Muhammad Ali
  • Shamsher Ali
  • Dil Rasheed
  • Mustafa Sajid Assistant Professor Multan Dental College



Antibiotics, endodontics, prescription writing, prophylaxis, root canal treatment (RCT)


Background: Since the discovery of antibiotics, they have been in use broadly for the treatment of odontogenic infections. Prescription is a dynamic, customized clinical process, and is considered as a vital determinant of good doctor/clinician. Aim of this study was to assess & evaluate the knowledge regarding the prescription of antibiotic during endodontic treatment and errors made by the house officers at Multan Dental College.

Methods: This survey-based study was conducted among 40 house officers working at Multan Dental College. A survey form was designed, about the pattern of antibiotics prescription and the situations for which they were recommended by the House officers. The questionnaire investigated house officer's knowledge regarding the indications of prescription of antibiotics for different clinical signs that may well be related to the infections of the oral cavity.

Results: The medication of choice was mostly Amoxicillin + clavulanic acid (52.6%) and Amoxicillin alone (47.3%). The greatest number of antibiotic prescriptions was written for acute apical abscess (62.8%) and patient with fever and malaise (62%). Overall, 12% of respondents always prescribed antibiotics after root canal therapy. In this study the greatest numbers of antibiotics prescribed were prophylactically for congenital heart diseases 69.7%, and uncontrolled diabetes mellitus 62.8%. Prosthetic joint in past 2 years 46.5% & Mitral valve prolapsed 34.9%.

Conclusion: We conclude that here is a deficiency of knowledge & information about the proper indication, kind, and dose of antibiotics in the dental practice.


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Hafiza Hina Irshad, Muhammad Sohaib Ashfaq, Ayesha Ashfaq, Muhammad Ali, Shamsher Ali, Dil Rasheed, & Sajid, M. (2023). Demonstrator’s Knowledge Regarding the Prescription of Antibiotics for Endodontic Treatment. Pakistan Journal of Public Health, 13(2), 71–74.