Disparity in Populace Phenotype Impels Predisposition to Variations in Health Status


  • Hira Maqsood Institute of Health Management- Dow University of Health Sciences, Karachi, Pakistan.




Stature, Pigmentation, Healthy Life Expectancy, UV Index, Malnutrition


Background: The disparity in populace phenotype, embracing stature and pigmentation, drives of internal physiological constituent and adaptation to the external environment, impel variations in populace health status. The study tends to explore how significantly populaces phenotype influenced by internal or external exposures, and how effectually it prognosticates predisposition to variant health states.

Methods: Ecological study encompassing twenty states residing on antipodes (North and South) endures distinct exposures, exhibit disparate phenotypes, execute different health status. Each State selected employing non-proportion quota sampling, standing extreme on either stature or pigmentation, residing in cold or hot region, contrasted on considered variables embracing UV-index, malnutrition, healthy life expectancy, fertility rate, natural increase, and top five causes of mortality. All computation, analysis, and interpretation perform employing MS-EXCEL. The complete compilation phase last from March to June 2019.

Results: Findings reveal a strong association between exposures and phenotypes, UV-index and pigmentation (r = 0.96), malnutrition and stature (r = -0.81). Stature descends and pigmentation ascends along the latitude (North to South). Populace light pigmentation tall stature executes healthy prolong life span contrast to deep pigmentation standing short. Cardiac and cancer diseases significantly reported among statured nations. While high susceptibility to Influenza/ Pneumonia, and HIV/AIDS observe in pigmented nations.

Conclusion: Decisively homo sapiens phenotypes inordinately servile to internal and external exposures effectually prognosticate predisposition to distinct health states. Enforcement of measures mitigating populace internal and external exposure can elicit desire output in phenotype and outcomes in health status.


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Maqsood, H. (2021). Disparity in Populace Phenotype Impels Predisposition to Variations in Health Status. Pakistan Journal of Public Health, 11(3), 136-142. https://doi.org/10.32413/pjph.v11i3.602